The Walleye Interpretation Center
A fun and enriching activity for the whole family! For lovers of sport fishing, wide open spaces and the environment, for school groups and the curious of all descriptions...

Pêche sportive du réservoir Baskatong inc., CWA manager, is proud to invite you to visit its Walleye Interpretation Centre, open daily 10:00 to 16:00 from May 15 to September 10

An instructive tour of 6 thematic sections will add to your knowledge of one of our most beautiful living resources. You will discover the beauty and the grandeur of the Baskatong Reservoir, as well as the mission and the activities of the corporation that manages this magnificent territory.

See the Walleye as you have never seen it before

From egg to hook... Watch its birth in both a natural and an artificial environment. Follow its life through the threats and the obstacles it faces. Learn about its allies and the measures taken to preserve the species.

Discover the Baskatong Reservoir CWA

  • What is a Community Wildlife Area?
  • How was the reservoir formed?
  • What measures are being taken to protect walleye populations and their environment?
  • What can be done to maintain and ensure quality fisheries?
  • What is pisciculture?

Discover all this and more when you tour this many faceted exhibit!

Educational objectives of the Interpretation Centre

As managers of the Baskatong Reservoir Community Wildlife Area, our mission is to educate the public. The Walleye Interpretation Centre became the hub of this mission in 2006.

The Walleye Interpretation Centre was set up in order to increase visitor knowledge and awareness. Our goal is to develop and sustain interest in various fields, such as biology, the environment, pisciculture, human interventions and their impact on wildlife and its natural habitats.

Using walleye sport fishing as a concrete example, young people can be shown how they can, with small acts, contribute to sustaining and respecting the resource and, more broadly, nature.

The CWA with its Walleye Interpretation Centre is an ideal place to jump in feet first into the adventure of managing an ecosystem. Simple explanations and a dynamic graphic style that uses cartoon characters bring the young people into the world of the walleye. They also help them to understand the importance of the various regulations governing sport fishing and the need to treat wildlife responsibly.

Reservations for school groups

Our guides and leaders will be pleased to welcome you to the Walleye Interpretation Centre and share with you their knowledge in a dynamic and entertaining way suitable for school groups.

Contact us by phone, email or fax.

Length of the tour

40 to 45 minutes

Number of students per group

The Centre can ideally accommodate groups of 10 people by reservation.

Centre contact information

Walleye Interpretation Centre
506, Chemin Baskatong
Grand-Remous, QC J0W 1E0
Self-guided or guided visits upon reservation:
Phone : (819) 438-1177
Fax : (819) 438-3545
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