Maniwaki : the Queen of the Gatineau
The Promenade du Draveur along the Désert River.
Photos : Town of Maniwaki The Parc du Draveur in downtown Maniwaki reminds people of the town’s origins.

Founded in 1851, Maniwaki was for decades the hub of forestry operations in the area.

It is easy to understand why its tourism offering is intimately connected with the forest. Think only of the kilometre-long boardwalk along the Désert River, which links the Parc du Draveur to the recreational trails in the Pointe des Pères area.

Forestry operations gave rise to a number of related trades, the log driver probably being the one that most captured people’s imagination, with its inherent risks and spectacular skills.

Be sure to visit downtown Maniwaki to see Donald Doiron’s magnificent sculpture of a log driver at work. The 10 plaques that surround it explain the log driver’s work.

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