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The Interpretation Centre was moved to the heritage building known as Château Logue. Photo Daniel Daoust.

For decades now, the Maniwaki area has been world-renowned for technical excellence in the prevention and fighting of forest fires, due mostly to the unique expertise developed at the main base of the Société de protection des forêts contre le feu or SOPFEU, the government forest fire prevention and fighting agency, located in Maniwaki.

Each year, the Maniwaki area welcomes international delegations who come to train in the techniques for preventing and fighting forest fires, developed by SOPFEU.

SOPFEU has acquired its unique expertise through the many years of hard work put in by those who have been entrusted with the task of protecting our forests.

The Forest Fire Prevention History Interpretation Centre, which is located in the Château Logue in Maniwaki, pays homage to all those who have dedicated their talents and their energies to protecting our forests for the benefit of all.

You will learn how the relationship of man, forests and fire has evolved over the centuries and how man has learned to use his imagination to better protect our collective forest riches.

The Centre receives financial support from the Quebec Ministry of Culture, Communications and Status of Women.

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